La version 5.5.4-BETA du firmware AirOS est sortie hier.

Les nouveautés :

  • airMAX: Improved performance in PTMP scenarios
  • airMAX: Lower latency in Long Range PTP mode
  • airMAX: Improved speed test timeout/errors handling and reporting
  • New: Alternative Data Rate module
  • New: Reset configuration to factory defaults when executing TFTP recovery mode
  • New: Update AirView certificate
  • New: Disable « Block Management » option for WAN in default configuration (AirRouter, AirRouter HP, PowerAP N)
  • Security: WEB UI: Show if custom scripts are present on device
  • Stability: Check filesystem on boot
  • Stability: Memory leak protection for less than 1MB RAM
  • Stability: Add HW watchdog in u-boot
  • Fix: airSync: Rocket Titanium airSync Slave doesn’t connect to airSync Master
  • Fix: airMAX: Radio is transmitting when operating in airView mode
  • Fix: Detect Ethernet loopback on defective device and bring Ethernet interface down
  • Fix: Sometimes M Series devices hang during reboot (except Titanium)
  • Fix: Change Max MTU to 2024 bytes on both Ethernet interfaces
  • Fix: Enable DFS for Germany upper band (5.8GHz) channels
  • Fix: Returning from Test mode does not revert some configuration changes
  • Fix: Disable default route if DHCP client is configured
  • Fix: Memory leak in Main page with IE8/IE9
  • Fix: Low power mode fix for newer revisions of NanoStation M5
  • Fix: Device discovery issue when DMZ port is enabled
  • Fix: Cannot switch from Advanced to Simple Configuration mode when network role is Router
  • WEB UI: Disable WEB UI while airView is running
  • WEB UI: Enable DFS when choosing Austria
  • WEB UI: Make MAC addresses in Main page easily selectable
  • WEB UI: Cannnot set MTU value
  • WEB UI: Latitude/Longitude setting validation
  • WEB UI: Redirection issue when enabling/disabling HTTPS

Comme toujours, ce firmware ne doit pas être utilisé pour des déploiements, il est réservé aux utilisateurs expérimentés. Les images se trouvent :

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