La version 5.1 du firmware AirOS est disponible depuis fin Novembre. Nous avons un peu attendu avant de faire l’annonce, histoire de tester. Ce firmware donne désormais la compatibilité avec la norme 802.11a/b/g, en plus de l’Airmax offrant des débits jusque là difficiles à atteindre.

Ce firmware n’est réservé qu’aux modules Airmax, surtout pas aux modules 802.11b/g classiques, ne vous trompez pas… Il est en outre en version Beta, donc patience si vous souhaitez l’implanter sur un réseau en production.

Les nouveautés, in english :

* New: Full 802.11 a/b/g product support
* New: WEP and WPA/WPA2 TKIP support
* New: Advanced Ethernet Settings
* New: WEB server change
* New: Auto ACK implementation
* Updated PPPoE version
* Ethernet driver update
* AirMax improvements
—AirMax 4 level mac address based priority
—AirMax Automatic Voice packet recognition and TXQ assignment
—AirMax No Ack (PtP Mode only): It needs to be enabled in the config file for the AP by setting radio.1.pollingnoack=1
* MAJOR: Stability issue on link when Airmax is disabled
* MAJOR: PPPoE Stability in HT40 mode (PPPoE session disconnects due to the no response to 5 echo-requests (HT40 mode)
* MAJOR: Fixed performance issue in noisy condition (Rate control algorithm is too aggressive in noisy conditions)
* MAJOR: Fixed WPA/WPA2 client connection issue to
* UI improvements
* Removed US country code DFS frequencies: 5500-5700 GHz
* Improved Noise Floor reporting
* Arpnat: support more than one IP address per single bridged MAC address
* Improved signal strength value in HT40
* Separate L2 isolation and multicast traffic
* Use AR7240 watchdog timer
* Implemented switch off for MT discovery (extra reporting)
* Fixed incorrect CDP packet check sum
* Fixed Web UI to control secondary PoE port on NSM5
* No more FTP speed limits per session when AirMax? is on
* Fixed Compliance test channels
* Fixed data rates display for 10Mhz channel for 802.11 a/b/g clients
* Fixed read-only user account
* Fixed Web UI lock
* Fixed signal strength per chain handling when station disconnects from AP
* Fixed SNMP OID numbers persistence (SNMP daemon enumerates all interfaces on startup and assigns sequential numbers now)* Added: Compliance test country missing frequencies in 4920-6100MHz range. Channel range fix for HT40 channel width* Improvement in data rate reporting when traffic is inactive
* Fixed issues in PPPoE daemon when compression enabled
* Added Device Name in Station and AP statistics table
* Fixed WEB UI: Don’t show ARP table entry if it contains unresolved MAC address

Known issues/restrictions:
– 5MHz channel width is not available in 5GHz mode (removed until it’s stable)
– Channel Shifting in 2.4GHz mode is not compatibile with existing 802.11a/b/g products due to enhancements.
– MCS14/15 does not work with WPA/WPA2 and WPA/WPA2-TKIP (removed from WEB UI) (limitation from Atheros)