la version 5.2 Beta 6 du firmware AirOS est disponible ici depuis le 16 Avril.

Les changements, in english :

V5.2 Beta 6

– AirGrid M5 fix (in BETA5)
– Fix: Power control fix
– Fix: Signal reporting
– Fix: Noise floor is too aggressive
– Fix: Auto ACK on AP
– Fix: Antenna gain and cable loss no longer available for NanoStation M2/M5
– AirView fix: Sometimes switching back to normal operating mode is endless
– Fixed: IE8 and WEB UI errors
– Improvement in memory allocation

Here are the fixes for BETA4:
– WEP/WPA-TKIP aggregation for Kite/Kiwi radio chipset — fixed
– Power control fix — completed
– AirView mode fixes, including endless process while switching back to normal operating mode
– Ping timeout and connection drop fix
– New: Improve ACL rules management: increase max MAC ACL entry count to 32

AirOS v5.2 planned and implemented features:

– New: Speed test tool
– New: AirView tool (Spectrum Analyzer mode)
– New: Routing scenario: Network mode “Soho Router”
– New: NanoStation M5/M2 Second Ethernet port functionality — now it is possible to bridge with wireless port
– New: Antenna gain and cable loss fields for compliance
– New: AirMax ON in default configuration
– New: Intelligent GUI improvement
– New: Console agent: Restore active heartbeat connections after firmware upgrade
– New: Report 802.11 information messages into syslog

Improvements/change requests:

– CCR: RADIUS client support in AP mode
– CCR: PEAP/MSCHAPv2 support
– CCR: Add static routes via WEB UI
– CCR: Show Station and AP IP address
– CCR: Hide WPA password with “*”
– CCR: Ability to de-associate station from Station list via WEB UI
– CCR: Add support for SSH authorized keys in configuration file
– CCR: Change apply configuration logic
– CCR: Missing ppp0 interface information on Main page, when PPPoE session is initialized
– CCR: Add System Startup Time/Date field (critical for 802.1x supplicant)
– CCR: Allow ping when device is in TFTP recovery mode
– CCR: Include PPTP/GRE NAT modules
– CCR: Add MAC clone/change option for WAN interface when operating in SOHO router mode

Major Fixes:
– MAJOR: Chain signal mismatch on reported signal strength/ Power control fix for M5 2×2 chain devices
– MAJOR: Improve noise level calculation
– Remove DFS 5250-5350 frequency for US country code (all M series products) , but keep the link alive if DFS frequency was used
– No more trimmed channels on Compliance country code
– Frequency list issue fix for counties :
South Africa
Sri Lanka

ATTENTION : une version BETA n’est pas destinée à être utilisée en exploitation normale !