La version v5.3.2 d’AirOS est disponible pour les testeurs.

Change log:

  • WPA/WPA2-TKIP security stability improvements in noisy environments
  • Improved CCQ calculation
  • Solved connectivity issues for some mobile devices
  • PPPoE authentication doesn’t work through STA-Bridge with some routers
  • Send gratuitous ARP reply on bridge MAC changes (i.e. when starting AirView)
  • Speed test and traffic shaping issue
  • Multicast routing doesn’t work in SOHO-Router mode
  • Completely remove non 5.7-5.8GHz frequencies for US and Canada
  • WEB UI: Device discovery setting moved from UBNT to Services page
  • WEB UI: Invalid connection time reporting for connected Stations
  • WEB UI: Site Survey doesn’t always return scan results
  • WEB UI: Strange values in throughput graphs on IE9 browser
  • WEB UI: Report allowed port range when configuring system services
  • AirControl: Incorrect WLAN connection count reporting
  • AirControl: Invalid wlanUptime reporting
  • AirMax: performance improvements

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