La version 5.3 d’AirOS vient de sortir.

Comme à chaque fois, les changements, in english :

Version 5.3 – Final Release (January 14, 2011)

New product support:
– New: 3G Station product support
– New: NanoBridge M365 support
– New: NanoBridge M900 support
– New: NanoBridge M3 support

New functionality:
– New: AirSelect
– New: VLAN tagging: one VLAN per device
– New: Low TX power mode for Rocket M5/Rocket M2
– New: DFS enabled by default for all 5GHz products
– New: Discovery Tool
– New: Ubiquiti Logo Tab
– New: Remove outside 5745-5825 MHz frequency channels for US country (all M series devices)
– New: NanoStation Loco M900: external and internal antenna support scenario
– New: Ability to enter device location (for AirControl server)

– AirControl agent: Support for GPS location reporting
– AirControl agent: Support for latency reporting
– AirControl agent: Configuration changed indicator
– AirControl agent: Report network adapter status/speed

Improvement/Change requests:
– CCR: Add Auto Frequency functionality (AP/AP WDS mode)
– CCR: Jumbo frames support (maximum allowed MTU is 1518 bytes of data)
– CCR: Remove Device name 14 characters limit
– CCR: Sensitivity threshold settings for wireless clients
– CCR: Add possibility to configure DNS address in DHCP server configuration
– CCR: Port Forwarding should support Source IP/mask criteria
– CCR: Dynamic DNS support
– CCR: Improve Firewall rules with ACCEPT
– CCR: Ability to turn auto discovery off under Ubiquiti logo tab/AirControl
– CCR: Remove Refresh button from Main page as it already have auto refresh function
– CCR: New regulatory rules for Germany (5755-5875MHz frequencies removed)
– CCR: Lock to AP MAC functionality for Station/Station WDS
– CCR: Make all columns in Stations list sortable
– CCR: Report negotiated Ethernet port speed on Main page
– CCR: Singapore frequency range changes (remove outside 5725-5850 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules)
– CCR: Turkey frequency range changes (add 5470-5725 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules)

– Improvement: WPA/WPA2 EAP-TTLS improvements
– Improvement: Connection stability improvement when using WPA/WPA2 security
– Improvement: Wireless driver improvements, when communicating to mobile devices using Power Saving
– Improvement: Functionality set for Indoor products (ability to turn on/off AirMax technology features)
– Improvement: DMZ configuration to allow more control over management ports

– AirMax: PPPoE latency in PtMP network with more than 22 clients connected to AP
– AirMax: ICMP ping doesn’t pass wireless link
– AirMax: Big delay when transmitting IGMP packets
– AirMax: TX Data rate gets stuck on 81 Mbps, when using No ACK mode for PtP and 40MHz channel width #1618
– AirMax: Voice quality issues in PtMP network

– Fix: Double Auth/Assoc using WPA/WPA2 security when connecting to the AP
– Fix: STA disassociation during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange (affects AES and TKIP security)
– Fix: No connection or persistent station disassociation when at least one station is connected with low RSSI
– Fix: Enabling Client isolation inflicts AP WDS (repeaters) to stop talk with neighborhood AP WDS
– Fix: Intel clients are de-authenticated during rekeying
– Fix: Stability improvements when more than 8 clients connected and some of them are using power save mode
– Fix: Improved power saving handling (Nokia, HTC phones)
– Fix: PS Poll problems
– Fix: MAC changing doesn’t work in AP (Router/SOHO Router) mode
– Fix: Throughput slowdown for 2.4 GHz Station when to the same AP is connected at least one AP-WDS peer
– Fix: Previously configured default gateway isn’t disabled when WAN interface is configured to obtain IP settings from DHCP server (SOHO Router mode)
– Fix: Ukraine is missing in Country Code list
– Fix: Enable obey regulatory rules in default configuration for PowerAP N/AirRouter
– Fix: Sometimes devices behind STA-WDS are not reachable from AP-WDS LAN side
– Fix: Auto IP aliasing doesn’t set IP address if DHCP client is enabled
– Fix: In AP Router or SOHO-Router mode LAN interface can’t be disabled if DHCP client is running on it
– Fix: Auto IP aliasing duplicates and is incorrect
– Fix: DHCP Fallback IP is not removed after getting IP from DHCP server
– Fix: Improved wireless client roaming between AP-WDS peers
– Fix: Channel list is required on AP/AP-WDS when enabling DFS
– Fix: Multicast traffic doesn’t pass PtP link, when client is using IGMPv3 reports
– Fix: Ebtables module should support VLAN criteria
– Fix: Low Data Rates and CCQ value when link is idle
– Fix: After upgrade DHCP server serves LAN IP as DNS server when DNS proxy is disabled
– Fix: NTP client request interval should be tuned for DHCP Client use case

– Fix: Auto ACK miscalculation, when connected to 802.11a/b/g devices operating in HT5/HT10 channel width
– Fix: Auto ACK calculates incorrect value for very short distance

– Fix: PPPoE client hold off time is not correct
– Fix: PPPoE client is not restoring session after wireless link connection loss
– Fix: Send proper disconnect command to PPPoE server when restarting PPPoE session
– Fix: ARPNAT and PPPoE relay issue

– Fix: AirControl agent: Location values are not reported to AirControl Server

– Fix: DFS: AP doesn’t restore operation after 30 min silence
– Fix: DFS: Remove Radar detection capability on STA mode when operating up to 200mW EIRP

– GUI fix: Max power of AirGridM2/AirGridM5 products is 20dBm not 19dBm
– GUI fix: Make VLAN network settings in Bridge mode as separate option
– GUI fix: Reset to defaults redirects to incorrect IP address in SOHO Router mode
– GUI fix: Pop-up windows are not closed on « save » action if parent tab is changed #1668
– GUI fix: Reports two LAN ports on Main page for when device has only one
– GUI fix: When DNS proxy is disabled, take DNS from WAN and fill DNS fields for DHCP server automatically
– GUI fix: DHCP client info is not updated after Renew
– GUI fix: Read-only user permission/redirect issue
– GUI fix: In SOHO Router mode throughput graphic for LAN does not include traffic that goes only on WLAN interface
– GUI fix: Change AirMax priority returns incorrect Warning message
– GUI fix: ACK distance reporting issue in Station Details and AP information
– GUI fix: « Source IP/mask » field in port forwarding should allow 18 characters
– GUI fix: FW upgrade « Close Window » button is not functional if Parent Window is closed
– GUI fix: Misbehavior with Obey Regulatory Rules
– GUI fix: Password field and « Show » checkbox wraps
– GUI fix: Add Antenna model selection for NanoBridge M5 (22 dBi antenna (NBM5-22) and 25 dBi antenna (NBM5-25))
– GUI fix: IP aliasing is not correct in SOHO Router mode
– GUI fix: Output Power slider position when min value is selected

On va y retrouver quelques fonctionnalités intéressantes, avec, en vrac :

  • le tagging des VLANs
  • le DFS activé d’office
  • la gestion du GPS pour les nouveaux modèles
  • support du service DynDNS
  • support des jumbo frames (MTU 1518 au maximum)
  • réglage basse puissance sur les Rocket M5 ou M2

S’agissant là d’une version finale, n’hésitez pas à l’installer et à la déployer sur vos modules.

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