Mise à jour Beta 3 du 7 Février 2012

Les mises à jour sur la Beta 3 :

  • Adds new recording count indicator to Recent Recordings tab
  • Adds firmware column to camera table on Devices tab
  • Fixes Camera assignment and mode not “sticking”
  • Fixes Camera image settings not “sticking”
  • Fixes Save/Revert button on dialogs
  • Fixes configuration tabs on NVR being visible for accounts with no configuration access
  • Fixes player dialog not keeping size after being closed
  • Fixes last event “blinking” on devices tab
  • Fixes mime message attachment issues for emails
  • Fixes device connection status checking for manually added devices
  • Fixes “Check All” checkbox & selection issues
  • Fixes row not being selected when thumbnail is clicked
  • Fixes shutdown of services
  • Improves performance when deleting large amounts of recordings
  • Improves AirVision to NVR & Camera communications