AirOS évolue une fois encore, avec la version V5.2.1-Beta 4 destinée aux modules Airmax de la marque.
Les nouveautés, in english dans le texte :

– Major: DFS functionality enhancements
– Major: AirMax: Packet loss just after client association to the AirMax AP
– Major: AirMax: PtP NOACK regression in beta3 release
– Major: AirMax: STA Transmission Queue stuck, need a reset
– Major: Improve HT5/HT10 stability
– Major: AP wireless stops operating
– Major: Legacy client does not appear in Station list/long assoc time/authentication is not valid (reason 2)
– Major: Ipod iTouch freezes Internet connection for laptops, which have Intel wireless radios
– Major: No connection or persistent stations disassociation when at least one client is connected with low RSSI or bad ACK timeout
– Major: Multicast enhancement does not handle VLAN tagged traffic
– Minor: Status and Site survey pages fails to render if SSID has escape character(s)
– Minor: Speed Test fails if using special symbols in password
– Minor: MAX EIRP 36dBm for 2.4GHz band in Australia

Le lien pour télécharger :…00818.1847.bin