et voici venir, avec un peu de retard, la version 5.5 Beta 11 du firmware AirOS. A noter une correction sur la fonction DFS, obligatoire dans notre pays.


  • CCR: Notification for software updates
  • Fix: Site survey does not return any results if too many networks are found
  • Fix: Device name reporting issue in BETA9/BETA10
  • Fix: Counterfeit error messages on some valid devices
  • Fix: airControl no longer shows device icon for AirRouter product
  • Fix: DFS: False RADAR detection events
  • Fix: DFS: Unexpected AP reboots if DFS is enabled
  • Fix: DFS module should not be loaded if DFS channels are not available for selected country
  • Fix: VLAN misconfiguration during FW upgrade 5.3.x/5.4.x > 5.5
  • Fix: Secondary Ethernet port (LAN1) isn’t able to properly initialize link speed after device is power cycled
  • Fix: MAC Cloning feature is not functional on Bridge (Management) interface
  • Fix: Don’t start additional syslogd instance in airView plugin
  • Fix: OpenSSL upgrade. Possibly solves memory leak problems in HTTPS mode using Chrome browser
  • WEB UI: Add MTU configuration for all interfaces in Advanced configuration mode
  • WEB UI: Hide DHCP client control (renew, release) for read-only users
  • WEB UI: TX/RX Bytes in Interfaces tab show in user friendly format
  • WEB UI: Impossible to download cfg or sup file with Firefox 9
  • WEB UI: Improve Device management section
  • WEB UI: Missing VLAN interfaces in MAIN page
  • WEB UI: Interface list sorting isn’t correct when sorting by Interface name (Chrome)
  • WEB UI: In wireless settings page MCS12 rate is selected while WEP security is configured
  • WEB UI: Browser isn’t redirected to the new IP address when configuring Management VLAN in Simple configuration mode
  • WEB UI: DataTable re-initialization error (possible fix)
  • WEB UI: Time Zone Setting – removed Moscow form GMT+3 label

Pour télécharger la nouvelle image, utilisable sur tous les modules Airmax exclusivement :…20203.1715.bin