Une mise à jour du pack logiciel de surveillance vidéo, avec AirVision v1.1.2 et NVR v1.1.2 :

AirVision v1.1.2

AirVision NVR v1.1.2

Installation sous Ubuntu

AirVision 1.1.1 Updates

  • Performance & stability updates to live video & recorded video player (up to 50% reduction in CPU & memory
  • Adds support for upcoming v1.1.5 camera fw release
  • Adds update notification system to alert when new AirVision software and firmware is available
  • Increased connection limit
  • Preventative measures to DB limit issue on 32 bit systems (thumbnail migration)
  • Fixes miscellaneous UI bugs

AirVision NVR 1.1.2 Updates

  • Update streamer to facilitate updated live video & recorded video player

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