UniFi a basculé en version 2.3.8 depuis quelques jours, avec quelques ajouts et modifications, in english :

  •  bandwidth limiting enhancement (make it more in sync with results from speedtest or wget, etc)
  • portal redirect enhancements
  • enhanced adoption/handling when DNS is not reachable
  • enable UAP-Outdoor’s secondary ethernet port
  • allow connectivity/uplink monitor to be disabled completely (for people who don’t use wireless uplink and don’t want wireless to be disabled when gateway is not reachable)
  • fix controller stopping issue when installed as Windows service
  • Google Map fix – allows map type selection, saves as image (this is more of a workaround, before we get rid of Flash)
  • Paypal to allow other currency
  • add Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) support
  • add Java 7 support
  • fix for wireless uplink and PicoM2->UniFi conversion for newer units with DC:9F:DB OUI
  • VoIP enhancement (mapping DSCP 46 to Voice, for getontoit)
  • UI enhancements

Liens de téléchargement :

Le matériel UniFi chez Infracom, sur la boutique en ligne.