Avec énormément de retard, voici venir Unifi 3.1.6beta, une version que vous n’avez sans doute pas manquée d’installer j’imagine, si l’esprit geek vous anime 😉

Les nouveautés sont multiples, in english dans le texte :

Multi-site management, read-only admin support

  • Instead of running multiple controllers, now you can use one controller to manage multiple sites.
  • Each site has its own configurations, maps, statistics, guest portals and is logically separated.
  • Moreover, you can delegate administrative rights (readonly/readwrite) to other people.

Seamless Roaming – Zero-Handoff

  • Running radios on the same channel with the same BSSID. No controller is required for its operation.

WLAN Groups

  • Now you can create multiple WLAN groups and assign them to an AP’s radio.

Other Features

  • Rogue AP detection
  • more descriptive email alerts
  • basic SNMP support
  • enhanced load balanding per radio
  • voucher customization
  • additional payment gateway support (Stripe, QuickPay, Authorized.Net, MerchantWarrior)
  • ability to reset current statistic
  • allow the config to stay during uninstall for Windows
  • controller performance enhancement
  • Insights tab: Past Wireless Connections, Past Guest Authorizations
  • standard-based roaming support (PMK-Caching, Inter-AP commmunication)
  • Access Points tab: Config view, Performance view (footnote 1)
  • enhanced wireless uplink
  • UAP-Pro wireless uplink support (UAP-Pro can use its 5G as uplink or take 8 wireless downlinks)

Rappelons que la boutique en ligne d’Infracom, MonWifi.fr, vous propose un contrôleur UniFi PC clé en main, prêt à fonctionner : branchez, détectez vos bornes UniFi, surfez !

Source : Ubiquiti