La nouvelle version Beta d’AirOS est disponible depuis le 7 Mai, avec comme changements :

– Fix: Speed test + AirMax PtP No Ack combination crashes AP
– Fix: Traffic Shaping is not functional except Soho Router mode
– Fix: Traffic Shaping Burst is for functional
– Fix: WPA security : Sometimes station is disassociated from AP
– Fix: Broadcast traffic is duplicated on AP-WDS
– Fix: NAT protocols state changes when changing security
– Fix: SNMP wrong OID type- Fix: Disallow port range as destination (to private subnet)
– Fix: Station can not connect to AP (MAC Locked) if it was connected to another AP with the same SSID
– Fix: Airmax PTMP ping loss issue after beta6
– Fix: AirMax: PTPNack AMQ/AMC fluctuation
– Fix: TX Power improvement for NanoBridge M5, AirGridM5, LocoM5, Bullet M2, Rocket M2, NanoStation M2, NanoBridge M2)
– Fix: AirMax: PTP and PTMP enhancements (latency)

– GUI: Problems with WPA PSK paraphrase: old value is displayed, new value is not saved
– GUI: Sometime Device name in not reported in Stations list
– GUI: Do not show clients as connected when authentication key is not valid
– GUI: Test mode. Timing is no so precise as stated in the warning message
– GUI: Need correctly display ACK/Distance when AirMax and PtPNoACK mode is enabled
– CCR: Report AirMax priority and AMQ/AMC in Station detail :
—> Limitation from HW: MCS13 does not work with WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security — MCS 13 removed from WEB UI

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