J’avoue avoir un peu zappé le suivi des versions d’AirOS, le firmware des matériels Ubiquiti 😉
Voici donc venir AirOS 5.5.1 BETA, pour vos essais uniquement, comme pour toute version Beta :

  • New: Enable DFS frequencies for US/Puerto Rico/ Canada for NanoStationM5/Loco M5/Rocket M5/Rocket M5 GPS/NanoBridge M5 (registration needed). For US, please see note below.
  • Fix: AirMax: When one of the clients reboot all others are disconnected from AP
  • Fix: Traffic shaping ingress rules on LAN port in some cases block Internet traffic
  • Fix: Traffic shaping bursting is increased to the maximum allowed value according to configured throughput limits
  • Fix: Association to non-broadcasting SSID CISCO AP takes couple minutes
  • Fix: Complex AP-repeater setup creates loop in this network
  • Fix: Increase Password attribute length to 18 when sending empty password to RADIUS server
  • Fix: Regulatory rules update for India 2.4GHz band
  • Fix: Auto Channel does not work
  • WEB UI: Show DFS status in MAIN page
  • WEB UI: airSync: Show correct default slots depending on channel size
  • WEB UI: Static route disappears in Router mode
  • WEB UI: Option to disable Multicast Enhancement for AP

Image: XM.v5.5.1-beta.12997.120511.1807.bin