Ubiquiti a annoncé la Release Candidate (RC) du firmware AirOS, version 5, destiné aux Bullet 2 & 5MHP :



– Added information text in survey window
– Fixed: Stability issues: Link locked up, STA reported rate is 6Mbps not MCS
– Fixed Memory leak when scanning
– Fixed selected channels scanning
– Fixed WPA/WPA2 association to AP with hidden ESSID on passive scan channels
– Fixed Product Logo displaying if no logo image for device
– Fixed firmware version reporting
– Fixed Rate control algorithm is too aggressive in noisy conditions
– Fixed Polling AP locks after some time
– Fixed combined signal report in align antenna tool for 2 chains devices
– Fixed hangup issue in router mode with firewall enabled (aka ethernet/iptables fix)
– Fixed scan results for more than 14 stations issue
– Fixed AMC values for 1×1 device should not show more than 50%
– Fixed connected stations reporting for more than 22 stations issue