Mise à jour récente des firmware des modules Ubiquiti Nanostation et Powerstation, avec une nouvelle version d’AirOS.

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Comme toujours, vérifiez la version présente dans les modules qui vous sont livrés. Nous faisons le maximum pour avoir des modules à jour, mais il peut arriver que ce ne soit pas le cas.

Voici les ajouts effectués, en anglais, depuis la version 3.1 :

AirOS Firmware Revision History
  * PowerStation
  * LiteStation
  * NanoStation
  * MiniStation
  * WispStation
  * NanoStation Loco
  * Bullet
  * AP1000

Version 3.2.3-rc (11/24/2008)
 - fixed antenna selection for NS2/NS5

Version 3.2.2 (11/13/2008 AirOS v3.2 SP)
 - fixed long association time with very large AP count.
 - fixed incomplete AP list with very large AP count.
 - performance improvements for auto rate and auto ACK timeout
 - performance improvements for WDS 
 - popup help for link options
 - support for additional product lines (see list in header above)

Version 3.2.1 (10/17/2008 AirOS v3.2 SP)
 - fixed webping
 - fixed WPA/WPA2 AES
 - fixed WEB UI redirection to WAN IP in Router mode
 - fixed DMZ enable/disable issue
 - fixed DHCP Server netmask issue
 - fixed random reboot after apply changes in STAWDS mode
 - added RTSP, PPTP/GRE and Local NAT support in Router mode
 - allow DNS Proxy by default if DHCP Server is disabled in Router mode
 - allow DNS Proxy be on/off if DHCP Server is enabled in Router mode
 - allow 11A static turbo(40MHz) mode in 5.470-5.725 GHz outdoor band for 
 - allow dotted netmask format for routes configuration section
 - improved 11A static turbo(40MHz) mode
 - improved connected clients information page
 - improved Auto ACK

Version 3.2 (09/11/2008 AirOS 3.2)
 - added IP Aliasing

Version 3.2-rc3 (08/25/2008 AirOS RC3)
 - added Firewall rules to FORWARD chain as well
 - added read only user to view signal aligment and dhcp leases tools
 - fixed channels lists with shifted channels for country codes 
   that have more than 128 channels

Version 3.2-rc2 (08/07/2008 AirOS RC2)
 - added check on MAC address for WDS peers in GUI
 - added report signal/CCQ to winbox in AP modes
 - fixed DMZ management port
 - fixed random lost of connection after Site Survey in AP modes
 - fixed RX rates reporting in GUI
 - improved to not probe active stations too often
 - improved WDS modes

Version 3.2-beta (07/30/2008 AirOS multiuser)
 - added read-only user to access main status page
 - added possibility to on/off LAN/WLAN network
 - added 14 channel support in 11g mode under "Compliance Test" country code
 - fixed ACK timeout distance range check in GUI
 - fixed ssh/scp issues
 - fixed configuration download issue
 - fixed channel switching after Site Survey in AP mode
 - fixed WDS connection issues
 - fixed scan in WDS mode

Version 3.1.1 (07/25/2008 AirOS update)
 - fixed APWDS loop recovery issues

Version 3.1 (07/23/2008 AirOS firewall/DFS)
 - improved WPA/WPA2 support
 - improved wireless driver stability/performance
 - added DFS on/off support for 5GHz
 - added port range support in port forwarding rules
 - added firewall support (IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP) in bridge and router modes
 - added IPP2P firewall support in router mode
 - added simple Firewall/Port Forwarding status reporting
 - added traffic bursting support
 - added Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) support in bridge mode
 - added graphical throughput representation
 - added SSH server/client support
 - added initial local/remote syslog support
 - added Hostname in DHCP request
 - added configurable extra reporting (aka addmtikie) on Advanced settings in Web UI
 - added PPP connection status reporting
 - added PPP manual reconnect support through Web UI
 - added 802.1x support in STA mode
 - added Secure Copy (SCP) support
 - added title on each Web page - HOST_NAME -- PAGE_NAME [BOARD_TYPE]
 - allow excluding device Web Management Port in DMZ scenario
 - allow leading spaces in SSID
 - allow all printable character in host name
 - allow configuring HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet, SSH ports through Web UI
 - allow changing Administrator user name through Web UI
 - allow changing PPPoE MTU/MRU
 - fixed WDS + WPA/WPA2 issues
 - fixed random channel jumping AP + WPA/WPA2 mode
 - fixed DHCP server lease time in GUI
 - fixed noise floor reporting through SNMP
 - fixed problem in AP+WPA/WPA2 with default route loosing
 - fixed "Lock To AP MAC" ignorance in STA+WPA/WPA2 modes
 - fixed VLAN pass through and manual VLAN support
 - fixed wireless client roaming through AP+WDS nodes
 - fixed DHCP Server and Static IP coexistence issue
 - fixed SNMP reporting for signal level, manufacturer name OIDs
 - fixed other small Web UI issues
 - fixed memory leak in the system
 - fixed AP + WDS compatibility with mtik STA + WDS 
 - fixed routes that are provided by DHCP server but are not on the same subnet as issued IP address