Les Betas se suivent et s’améliorent, voici donc la 5.3Beta 3 d’AirOS, destinée comme toujours aux modules Airmax.

Les principaux changements, toujours in english :

– AirMax: ICMP ping doesn’t pass wireless link
– AirMax: Big delay when transmitting IGMP packets
– AirMax: TX Data rate gets stuck on 81 Mbps, when using No ACK mode for PtP and 40MHz channel width
– AirSelect: Improve logic

– DFS: AP doesn’t restore operation after 30 min silence
– DFS: Remove Radar detection capability on STA mode when operating up to 200mW EIRP
– Fix: Auto ACK calculates incorrect value for very short distance
– Fix: Bring back iperf
– Fix: Enabling Client isolation inflicts AP WDS (repeaters) to stop talk with neighborhood AP WDS
– Fix: Connection stability improvement when using WPA security
– Fix: ebtables module should support VLAN criteria
– Fix: ME doesn’t support IGMPv3
– Fix: NTP client request interval should be tuned for DHCP use case
– Fix: Stability improvements when more than 8 clients connected and some of them are using power save mode
– Fix: After upgrade DHCP server serves LAN IP as DNS server when DNS proxy is disabled
– Fix: Link stability with WPA-EAP (Station disassociation each 24 hours)
– Fix: PS Poll problems
– Fix: AP should respect Power Management field value not only for data frames
– CCR: New regulatory rules for Germany ISPs
– CCR: Lock to AP MAC in Site Survey
– CCR: Make Stations list sortable
– GUI: 2 LAN ports in MAIN page for devices, which has only one
– GUI: When DNS proxy is disabled, take DNS from WAN and fill DNS fields for DHCP server automatically
– GUI: DHCP client info is not updated after renew
– GUI: DHCP Restore IP alias when DHCP Release initiated
– GUI: Read-only user permission/redirect issue
– GUI: Change AirMax priority returns incorrect Warning message
– GUI: Add ability to use AirMax technology feature for Indoor products (AirRouter/PowerAP N)
– GUI: ACK distance reporting issue in Station Info
– GUI: « Source IP/mask » field in port forwarding should allow 18 characters

Pour la télécharger : http://ubnt.com/downloads/XN-fw-inte…01118.1806.bin

N’oubliez toutefois qu’une version Beta n’est pas faite pour une mise en production, testez là exclusivement sur un matériel non-essentiel !