Nouvelle version pour le firmware AirOS destiné aux modules Airmax d’Ubiquiti, en version 5.2.1 Beta 3 désormais. Les changements, in english :

– Major: Station stays connected to AP, but no wireless traffic is available
– Major: Multicast traffic improvements
– Minor: PowerAP N WLAN LED is not shining when RSSI level is less than 30

– GUI: Speed tests doesn’t work if HTTPS port has been changed
– GUI: When disabling scan list, previously selected channels are unchecked
– GUI: new Chrome-BETA conflicts with Web UI validation framework
– GUI: Fixed rates uses SGI(400ns) rate table
– GUI: Read only user can access device configuration file
– GUI: Option to disable reset button. Prevents from accidental configuration reset to factory defaults
– GUI: Sometimes Station list is empty

à télécharger sur ce lien :…00715.1855.bin