La version 5.5-Beta 7 du firmware AirOS est sortie voici quelques jours, avec les nouveautés et corrections de bugs suivantes :

Release Notes:

  • CCR: Add RADIUS Accounting interim update interval configuration key:
    – aaa.<index>.radius.acct.<index>.interim=[update interval|default: 600 seconds]
  • CCR: Add internal speed test tool to DMZ exemption ports
  • CCR: Show Station AirMax priority in Main page
  • Fix: AirMax/AirSync: Unexpected AP reboots
  • Fix: AirSync: Station association problems
  • Fix: AirMax: Packet loss in PtMP scenario when operating at 10MHz channel width
  • Fix: AirMax/AirSync: Stations stays in Stations list on AP even if they’ve been powered off for hours
  • Fix: It’s not possible to set SSID of 32 characters (related with kernel version update)
  • Fix: Device reboot after Airview stop (related with kernel version update)
  • Fix: IGMPPROXY: Do not send leave message on upstream interface when others clients still connected
  • Fix: Remove unsupported channel width key during downgrade to older AirOS versions
  • Fix: Include PPP interface in firewall configuration
  • Fix: Counterfeit issue with using MAC cloning on WLAN interface
  • Fix: Ethernet MAC change doesn’t work in Router/SOHO Router modes
  • Fix: Various downgrade/upgrade configuration issues
  • Improvement: Update Linux kernel to version
  • WEB UI: Show multiple interface statistics in Main page
  • WEB UI: Changing of management ports in Services page is not reflected in DMZ configuration
  • WEB UI: In MAIN page wireless mode is reported as AP-Repeater, when in Wireless page it’s set to AP-WDS
  • WEB UI: When changing Network mode keep configured VLANs
  • WEB UI: Port forward comment should be truncated
  • WEB UI: Changing channel width changes DFS status
  • WEB UI: Add option to show PPPoE password
  • WEB UI: Various IE8/IE9 browser compatibility fixes

Known Issues:

  • WEB server memory leak when using Chrome browser

Pour récupérer le fichier et flasher votre matériel :…11202.1845.bin